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2 Via Nazario Sauro
Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, 40121

Beautifully crafted flirty lingerie.


Due stelle. Souvenir per una notte...

Francesca Dallamotta

Per la Bologna Design Week ho Ideato e realizzato asseme alla designer Angela Fuschini di Animavolubile, un progetto che prende ispirazione dalle atmosfere dei meublé e delle pensioni a due stelle che caratterizzavano la riviera tra gli anni ‘50 e gli anni ‘60. Angela ed io ci siamo immaginate viaggiatrici in quel mondo ormai scomparso, e abbiamo creato una serie limitata di pigiamini di ispirazione retrò: sofisticati souvenir di antiche pensioni e immaginari garni a due stelle. Sono in puro cotone, sul taschino Angela ha ricamato deliziosi immagini di cavallucci marini e meduse. Presto aggiungerò qualche foto!


Voilà le Vélo alla Bologna Design Week 2019!

Francesca Dallamotta

Siamo molto felici di annunciare che Voilà le Vélo parteciperà alla edizione 2019 della Bologna Design Week, che si terrà dal 23 al 28 settembre. Per l’occasione Voilà le Vélo organizzerà alcuni eventi dove ospiterà originali designer, impertinenti ‘adults-only’ brand, presenterà suggestive collaborazioni e soprattutto darà la possibilità a chi ancora non le conosce, di vedere e toccare con mano le nostre uniche creazioni sartoriali nel nostro atelier di via Nazario Sauro 2, Bologna. Vi aspettiamo!

BDW website:


We are delighted to announce that Voilà le Vélo will exhibit at the 2019 Bologna Design Week, which will happen from the 23rd to the 28th of September, in Bologna, Italy. During the event we will share our space with witty designers, cheeky adults-only brands, we will present suggestive projects, and most importantly, we will give you the opportunity to see and touch our original textile creations! If you are in town please come around!

Intimo retrò, Corriere della Sera Extra

Francesca Dallamotta

Grazie a Claudia Balbi del Corriere della Sera che ha scritto di noi e del nostro atlier!

Thanks to Claudia Balbi from Corriere della Sera for talking about us and our atelier!

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-30 at 10.29.01.jpeg

‘Una Betty Boop coi piedi ben piantati nella contemporaneità. E’questa l’anima femminile che emerge dalla nuova collezione di Voilà le Vélo, un piccolo atelier artigiano bolognese che produce capi di lingerie rigorosamente a mano. Un’avventura nata oltremanica in Inghilterra nel 2012 quando Francesca Dallamotta, fashion designer italiana, con un insospettabile passato da chimica, allora residente a Londra ha avuto l’idea di offrire all’enorme mercato della lingerie qualcosa di diverso. I capi disegnati da Francesca uniscono allo stile retrò una vestibiltà contemporanea e sono concepiti esclusivamente per soddisfare un’ idea di seduzione femminile, cosa rara nel mercato della lingerie, che ancora oggi tende a conformarsi ai gusti maschili. Dal “cassetto” di Voilà le Vélo escono quindi colorati completi in chiffon di seta, cotone di Liberty of London, morbidi tulle francesi e una collezione che spazia dai completini retrò ai giochi di trasparenze delle mutandine con allacciatura laterale, per finire con le giocose ma raffinate mutandine di seta colorata, i “GELATINI”. Un’azienda che nel turbine di giocosa femminilità non dimentica l’importanza delle materie prime e del rispetto per l’ambiente…’

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-30 at 10.41.49.jpeg

Voilà le Atelier!

Francesca Dallamotta

Il 14 dicembre abbiamo inaugurato il nostro atelier nel cuore di Bologna, in via Nazario Sauro 2. Un piccolo spazio dove creiamo ed esponiamo i nostri modelli. Siamo aperti tutti i pomeriggi dalle 3 a lle 7, esclusa la domenica. Vi aspettiamo!

We are delighted to announce that on the 14th of December we opened our first atelier in the heart of Bologna, Italy. A small atelier where we craft and display all our creations. Our show room is opened 3pm to 7pm from Monday to Saturday.

Intima magazine and YOOX chose Voila le Velo!

Francesca Dallamotta

Well, I know my friends, we haven't been very sociable lately. We've been busy doing tangible things like moving part of our business to Italy, which means that now our creations are 'Handmade in Italy'; we have been introduced to Yoox by the British consulate in Italy and now we are a selected seller in Yooxigen, the Yoox's project focused on eco-sustainable high quality fashion, so we are now a YOOX trusted seller! And more recently we have been selected by Intima Magazine France edition (the most influential intimate magazine in the world) as one of 10 best new Talents. So, as you can see, we are not very talented in feeding news on social networks and blogs, but we are good in doing what we really love to do: Flirty, Adorable handmade Lingerie. Thank you for supporting us! Below the extract from intima magazine, give it a read if you are familiar with French... 


Lovely interview on The Lingerie Edit Blog

Francesca Dallamotta

Looking for a refreshing lingerie brand, with a retro twist? Look no further than Francesca Dallamotta’s Voilà le Vélo. We’re thrilled to have Voilà le Vélo at January’s edit and just can’t wait to share this brand with you so read on to get your sneak peek!

Can you sum up the brand for any retailers that are new to it please?

Voilà le Vélo is an independent lingerie atelier based in Hackney, London. If I had to sum up what we do in a couple of words, I’d say, ‘understated seduction’. Our lingerie combines elegant traditional styles and techniques with modern minimalist cuts.

We built the company on a strong belief in craftsmanship and attention to detail. That means sourcing only the finest fabrics and trimmings, and following a strict ethical manufacturing policy. Every one of our customers can be sure they’re buying a unique piece, made with love and passion.

How did Voilà le Vélo start?

I grew up in Bologna, Italy, where I originally studied for a career in chemistry. But my true passions have always been vintage fashion and design.

Voilà le Vélo started when I arrived in London. I was after some lingerie, but I just couldn’t find what I had in mind. Something with a hint of retro, more playful and understated than what was available on the high street. I love to say, ‘Lingerie that was more flirty than dirty!’. My grandmother was a seamstress, and I’d always loved the traditional and delicate craft skills that she’d taught me, so I decided to ditch the test tubes and basically started designing and sewing lingerie for myself. I picked up a needle and thread, and the very first piece of Voilà le Vélo lingerie was born.

Where do you find your design inspiration?

My sources of inspiration are endless; I go back home quite often, I’m always stimulated when I go to Italy, and of course, here in London. It’s hard to not feel inspired living in this city. But also the internet is a huge source of inspiration, where I look for anything from new trends to great vintage fashion, like the inspiring 60s style of André Courrèges. To me, it’s like a super-cool time machine.

What do you read and who do you follow in social media to stay ahead of the forthcoming trends?

Some of my favourite magazines are Dazed and Confused, Frankie, Wallpaper, ID and Elle Decor Italia, which I also follow on social media. Lingerie blogs are very interesting, and sometimes very inspiring. I also follow fashion designers that I love, like Stella McCarthy, Miu-Miu, Prada, Vivetta, or very niche brands like Lazzari and Charlotte Olympia. I’ve bookmarked loads of vintage fashion blogs and illustrators’ sites like Malika Favre and Olimpia Zagnoli. Illustration is an incredibly rich source of inspiration for me; it’s like stepping into another world, full of new ideas. I love it so much that we recently collaborated with a the Penguins illustrator Francesca Gambatesa to create a set of limited edition postcards called the Four Seasons. Where we combined her illustrations with cuttings of our fabrics. A very fun and inspiring project.

What are the highlights of your AW16 collection?

Our new collection is inspired by eternal love stories. We thought it would be fun to peek beneath the ball gowns of famous heroines, like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Juliet. Maybe they all wore simple, playful and seductive underwear, so we started imagining them, then designing it and, Voilà. We cherry-picked the finest fabrics and trimmings, from delicate French silk chiffon to elegant patterns from Liberty of London, and created a collection of delicate colour palettes and contemporary cuts that wink to a nostalgic past. 

Describe the woman who wears your designs, what’s her style? 

_GLS6917 VLV OK 2 def.jpg

I like to think that Voilà le Vélo is a bit different from the usual mainstream underwear brands, and that the women who wear it are a bit unique too. Unconventional women with sophisticated taste, who aren’t afraid to embrace their playful inner girl. And who are environmentally conscious and appreciate the small luxury of a unique product. When I started Voilà le Vélo, I knew my minimalist and slightly retro approach might not be suited to everyone, but I was sure there was someone on my same page out there. We don’t shout ‘buy me!’ there’s no ‘commercial angle’ behind our design, just passion and fun going into an artistic creation. Very simply, we do what we love.

What do you hope to achieve at the next TLE trade show?

David Finlayson and his team selected us because, as he said: ‘we have a fresh product which is the antithesis of all the mega brands in the market’. I’m really happy that someone with the authority, knowledge and experience of Mr Finlayson believes in our product. We are very excited to present our creations to the sophisticated audience of TLE, and are genuinely curious to discover whether the big lingerie market is ready welcome what we do.

Where is your favourite hang-out in London?!

I’m not really a party animal. I much prefer the cosy atmosphere of small bars and restaurants. I love food and wine, so I like to try new places. The ideal night out for me is starting with an Aperitivo Spritz in a nice bar, then finishing the evening in a fancy restaurant. There’s nothing better than having a laugh with my husband Matteo and our friends with a good meal and a glass (or three ;-)) of wine.

See you at the Savoy gals!

Francesca Dallamotta

We happily announce that Voilà le Vélo will be exhibit at the prestigious The Lingerie Edit show, at the Savoy hotel in London. 11th 12th January 2016. Yay!

Marilyn drinking tea with Laurence Olivier at the Savoy Hotel London, 1956.

Marilyn drinking tea with Laurence Olivier at the Savoy Hotel London, 1956.

The Lingerie Edit is the exclusive trade showroom event showcasing around 30 specially selected premium intimates and swimwear brands, in the stunning setting of The Savoy Hotel, London.

The Lingerie Edit is the exclusive trade showroom event showcasing around 30 specially selected premium intimates and swimwear brands, in the stunning setting of The Savoy Hotel, London.

Pop-up time!

Francesca Dallamotta

Super happy to be at the DiGuardo boutique in Islington for two weeks! And for you my friends, will be a chance to see our creations LIVE! (and buy some if you fancy ;-)

You'll find us from the 7th to the 21st of October 2015 – 126 Upper street, nearest tube Angel

The Green Closet 2015 @ Pitti Super, Milan

Francesca Dallamotta

We have been invited to present our new Fall Winter 15/16 collection at the Green Closet, a special project focusing on“BRIT ECO-FASHION” organised by UK Trade & Investment and the British Consulate-General in Milan. The event was held at the Pitti Super fashion fair in Milan. it has been a great success for us, the reaction of the audience to our new collection went beyond our expectations! Thanks for your love and support, lovely people! 

posing with our exhibitors friends

posing with our exhibitors friends

receiving compliments from Nicola Bolton, Managing Director of UKT&I

receiving compliments from Nicola Bolton, Managing Director of UKT&I